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Photo Credit: Nazif Topçuoğlu

I have no skin, my skin has abandoned me. I am now vulnerable, defenseless and fragile. It left with my memory, with all my memories of my birth and of the wound I received when I jumped over a fence to savage my prey. It stole my milk and the stream from which I drank. It was my memory, my native land. It engraved my landscape on its jacket, it carried the nerve endings to the copper tables. I was left alone with my identity’s other face, with a stranger. I spoke to her of my projects, tried to seduce her by explaining the benefits of progress. It put on the leather I handed her… I am now more naked than before, unable to fill the space between skin and leather, so I grew wider, overflowed into places. These places were full of unfulfilled promises, the place of the stranger within me who displaced my body and wrecked my home, who toppled my kinship to the world……………………………….

İnci Eviner

Second visual credit: Nazif Topçuoğlu

leather, copper, bronze