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Imagined Borders, Faultlines

Nursing Modern Fall installation view in the 12th Gwangju Biennale Exhibition

Borrowing the geological concept of “fault,” a crack in the Earth’s crust where rocks on either side of the crack have slid past each other as a result of plate tectonic forces, this section takes a multifaceted approach to contemporary problems that have been causing social, political, and psychological wounds by worsening old cracks or creating new ones. It aims to address the burden on future generations, namely, the symptom of social cleavages, while questioning whether we are heading for an apocalypse in the Anthropocene age, a new epoch defined by humanity’s impact on the Earth’s ecosystem. The artists with different backgrounds will give answers to the problems that humanity faces based on their experiences. Focusing mainly on three aspects, namely, body, environment, and surface, the artworks featured in this section can be viewed as a collective inquiry on Beyond the Borders (1995), the first Gwangju Biennale. Taking a step away from imagining a utopian world without borders, this section will discuss the survival of humanity in depth, in a world where nothing is predictable.r

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Location: Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea
Exhibition Date: 2018