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Fluxes of Girls on Europe

Soon, it will be evening here,
A body will be found and looked inside.
Hey you, the girl who sleeps the most and interprets the dreams
Come on; let’s go.

The girls tore their skin with joy…
And stabbed the foreigner inside with joy.
The foreigner said they would decorate men with philosophy
and bury them alive here.
Then he sang a song of freedom and left.

Someone told us… go back,
Go back, your houses are on fire.
We stopped, looked and immediately forgot. We forgot.

Suddenly a mad one called out to me on my bed.
Go back.
Your houses are on fire.
We stopped all together.
Looked and forgot immediately.
Erased, forgot, erased.

(Chorus, furious, whispering) Everyone’s complaining about you, everyone’s complaining about you, everyone’s complaining about you…

Here I am, standing… standing;
Because it’s late. It’s late, I said.
Slowly, I fell into my face;
I was really tired…
And falling, I gave a secret to the other.

You know what Rilke said?
He left this for you before he died, listen:

and if the earthbound forget you;
say to the silent earth, I flow.
to the rushing water say, I am, I am…

İnci Eviner

Beyond Home, İMALAT-HANE, Bursa, 2023
Dream and Reality, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, 2011

Installation view

HD Video, 3' loop
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