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Locus Solus

Curated by Selen Ansen, the group exhibition titled Locus Solus brings together a selection of works from the Arter Collection with site-specific new productions and existing works. Devised around the concept of nature, the exhibition invites the audience on a journey through subterranean, heavenly and terrestrial realms, subconscious territories, past and lost or fantasised and never-existed places and various landscapes. Spread over the 3rd and 4th-floor gallery spaces of Arter, Locus Solus aims at rethinking the relationships between the mineral, vegetal, animal and human lives, and the ways in which nature and culture permeate each other. The works on display, each forming a world in its own right, propose reflecting upon nature as a cultural and historical construction nourished and shaped by mythologies, collective beliefs and rituals, individual stories and experiences, social fears, and desires.

Location: ARTER, Istanbul
Exhibition Date: 2022