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İMM Retrospective: Who’s Inside You?

‘İnci Eviner Retrospective: Who’s Inside You?’ reconstructs Istanbul Modern’s temporary exhibition hall as a memory palace where past and present are interwoven. And it transforms Eviner’s artistic practice as well, and the layers in the intellectual development of her art, into a viewing platform that can be looked at from different perspectives and lines of sight. Time does not flow chronologically from past to present, as would be expected in a retrospective exhibition. Through its inner dynamics, the show follows nondirectional intersections and a spiral course. This course indicates a state of thought and action that transforms within its unique vision the conditions that come its way while in action. A transparent history emerges in this setup, in which are restaged a visual language and images that are ongoing or interrupted, which were born years ago and then transformed into different states over time.

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Location: İstanbul Modern, İstanbul
Exhibition Date: 2016